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Test and debug SNMP requests with Paessler SNMP Tester for free
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5 March 2010

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A tool to check the SNMP configuration at a given site. Enables a network administrator to check and monitor configurations that use SNMP, based on technologies built into the PRTG Network Monitor module.

Features: The tool enables a network administrator to check / monitor a given SNMP configuration to detect and pinpoint communication and data problems. It enables the administrator to debug the given configuration, greatly simplifying the task of detecting problems even before the given SNMP configuration is deployed, embodying a “test before you use” philosophy.

The software has been designed to carry out the given function efficiently and without too much hassle, and this is shown by the overall simplicity of the product, lacking unnecessary bells and whistles. This is clear by the interface which is simply designed so as to perform the given task easily. A left panel allows for the setting for a given test including the SNMP settings (IP, port, version) and the request type (32 / 64 bit Traffic counter, Custom OID, etc.) being tested. Running the test then is as simple as hitting the “RUN TEST” button. The bigger right pane provides the results of the test that has just been performed.

Overall: A good tool for SNMP management. Obviously because of its relative complexity this is only a tool for network administrators, and because of the same the issues with the interface (that is not especially user-friendly, information provided is useless to people who don’t understand the terminology) is not that much of a problem. Note that the tool is based on the SNMP specification that is part of the PRTG Network Monitor software, ensuring that if the SNMP configuration works with the Tester software it will work with PRTG Network Monitor, and its compatibility across the board has not yet been fully tested.

Publisher's description

With Paessler SNMP Tester you can run simple SNMP requests against a device in your network. During the test each single step of the SNMP request is logged into a logfile for analysis. The idea of this free program is to debug SNMP requests down to the protocol level in order to find communication and/or data problems in SNMP monitoring configurations.
Just follow these simple instructions:
1) Download Paessler SNMP Tester and run the snmptest.exe file.
2) Enter the IP address of your device and select the SNMP port and the SNMP community string.
3) Select a request type:
(a) MIB2 Interface: Reads the traffic counter of a port according to the MIB2 OID
(b) Custom OID: Enter a custom OID value to access any OID value on the device
(c) Device Uptime: Reads the standard system uptime value from the device
4) It may be necessary to select a specific local IP for the SNMP request (usually only necessary for multi homed systems)
5) Click on "Run Test" to start the testing process.
6) During the test you will find detailed information in the logfile window.
Paessler SNMP Tester
Paessler SNMP Tester
Version 3.2
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